Sprocket Unveils Digital Education Resource Guide

Paducah, Kentucky – Sprocket announced today the availability of a Digital Education Resource Guide. The guide is meant to be an evolving community document that helps educators, parents, and anyone looking for ways to use digital tools that make online learning and working easier.

The work was funded by a grant from the Humana Foundation through the Community Foundation of West Kentucky. “It was a really powerful experience to try to solve through the challenges in distance learning along with our partners at the Library and Paducah Schools,” said GroWest Director, Monica Bilak. “Schools and parents are really struggling with how to keep kids up-to-speed with educational goals, often online, like never before.”

Along with producing the guide, the group hosted a summer learning program that targeted high school students who needed time to catch up on credits and lost learning. Each child was provided with a computer, tutors, creative art courses with supplies, and weekly assignments to receive course credits. A virtual hangout space offered a place for interaction with other kids, mentors, and teachers. Participants enjoyed a pizza party at the end of the experiment.

“It’s hard to overstate how difficult it is to approach school in a whole new way in light of the pandemic, said Bilak. “What we discovered in the summer program is that perhaps the most powerful indicator of student engagement came about when students that had specific life goals that were supported by acquiring summer course credits. In addition, we learned that in person, even socially distanced contact enhanced virtual attendance which rose by 40% after such an occasion. We observed that in-person, human connection was able to enhance and prolong engagement in the virtual experience.” The guide, now available at the

Sprocket's website is divided into three categories:

o Social Media Communication

o Learning Applications

o Productivity and Management

In addition, “Idea Suggestions” are provided on how to apply these tools and in what situations. Also included are links to videos that demonstrate how to use the technology. 

Find the Digital Education Resource Guide here:

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