Sprocket Targets River Counties through USDA Grant

Paducah, KY –Sprocket, Inc. announced today that a grant-funded through the United States

Department of Agriculture seeks to grow or expand tech-based business in the river counties of McCracken, Carlisle, Fulton, Livingston, Hickman, and Ballard.

The Rural Business Development Cultivator, developed in partnership with Codefi, connects

industry experts who want to solve problems they face in their businesses or industries--farm

management, health care, construction, customer care, for example--with software and

business model development experts. Working together, software solutions are rapidly

developed so they can be shared with other potential customers, which may lead to

opportunities to launch new businesses.

“It can sound complicated,” said GroWest Regional Director, Monica Bilak. “But it’s actually

quite simple: What are the rural industry problems that technology can help solve? Think

phone apps,” she added.

A similar problem-solving project related to farm management resulted in the creation of

PumpTrakr, a mobile app that allows remote tracking and operation of irrigation systems. Like many other farms, this multi-generation farm had dealt with this problem for decades. With assistance from the software development and business experts, they have launched a

successful tech business.

“We are reaching out to ask for assistance in connecting Sprocket to innovators, entrepreneurs, growers, and small businesses of all types in the six counties,” said Bilak. “ Tell us all about the industry challenges that we can help solve through The Cultivator.”

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